Public Group All Sports wants you to be Active, Healthy, Prosper, and have a great Well Being.  The below chart will list two products that have gained attention as to being very significant, backed by science and ongoing research, as to being now in releasable forms and easily taken.

Allow your body to perform in your enduring sports activities while improving mental clarity, fight off disease and help with reducing stress is a few of the benefits from these products.  GT All Sports does not make any claims on the effectiveness of any products listed other than through the scientific research and articles published from the links you can research from this section.  All references noted here are taken from the linked sites.  Consult your doctor if you think anything found here would have a possibility of having any unwanted reaction.

Both the two currently listed products will have great health benefits and opportunities to allow you to prosper in life.

Elevacity company's main product is derived from Xanthohumol which is a product derived from the hops plant.

Many case studies have been performed on effectivness of Xanthohumol

Elevacity gives you exclusive access to scientific breakthroughs on several forms of this product being made available through its site.

Elevacity has teamed up with the EQUATE product line where members will have access to the EQUATE product line.

Free membership is currently available with a free web site assigned to your specifically chosen URL.  Profit potential starts building from sales of products on your web site with higher profit potentials obtainable.

Healthy products not found elsewhere and competitively priced line makes this a no-brainer to become a member allowing you to benefit by sharing products that your friends are looking for while being able to make a profit.

Pruvit company's main product is "The first natural consumer product to provide elevated blood ketone levels to the body".

Ketones and their benefits have been know for around 100 years but never before have they been able to release ketones on demand to the body.

Check out the scientific research that is available when a body is in a state of ketosis.

Learn more about some of the benefits from specific links listed below.

Checkout some links on  GTAS information page.

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 Liver & Detoxification

Enhanced Memory
Salt & Health

It's not Salt's Fault
Weight/Fat Loss
Controling Triglycerides
Fat Loss
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Both above products allow you to share information with others, through a web site assigned to you free of charge.  Tracking from the company/s then offer opportunities for you to be paid on products sold.

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