Evan Elrod - Benefit

Evan Elrod was one month away from his senior graduation, was accidently shot in the back with a shot gun that was said not be be loaded.

Evan sustained  paraplegic injury to his lower body.  He has gone through 6 surgeries during the eight weeks following the event that occurred April 2018.

Evan was a very athletic individual with expected scholarship/s indicated in his future for college.  Due to this tragic event, and to help raise money and awarness for gun safety, this page is dedicated to him.

Please follow these links for further information on how you can help with this cause.

Check out Evan's mother face book page for continuing information on her path to help offset expences and educational information on gun safety to help minimize other future events from occurring.

GT All Sports is planning on teaming with Peak Fitness to develop a multi-sport competition as a fun raiser and educational activities to help raise awarness for gun safety.  Donations "FOR EVAN" appreciated and all monies donated through GT All Sports will 100% be awarded at this event. 

GT All Sports offers free membership.  Join now to donate to this cause.

New donation page is being created for use without a log in in the near future.

Please follow this page as date and events are being added for the Peak Fitness fund raising event.

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