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GT All Sports Overview

The OVERVIEW speaks in general about main tabs and their features.
Membership Advantages

Allows creation of folders and access to edit your files, join groups, 
submit events and and submit comments.
Initial Signup Process

Walk through simple and free sign up.
Profile Building

Building and editing your profile in over a dozen different areas imediately searchable by zip code radius.
Profile Member Search

Search other members by category and/or zip code radius.
Vendor Opportunities

Build VENDOR Category in your profile where others can find Vendors to contact 
reference their event and vendor opportunity.
Member Connections

View another member, request a connection, after connection is accepted you can 
mass mesage them in groups from your "MY CONNECTIONS".
Joining Groups

Join or un-join any group at any time.  Allows you to be recognized as participating in particular groups.
Event Submissions

Enter up to 6 events per year immediately searchable by date and zip code radius.  
Edit at any time and re-post feature for future events.
Event Search

Search groups by date, zip code radius, category and more.  
Make comments, replies, add photos and video links.
Event Comments, Replies, Photos & Video Links

Indepth explaination of how to comment, reply, post photos and add video links attached to events.  
Turn on/off notifications when others add comments to event.
Event Tournament Bracketing

Use our Double Elimination Bracket Sheets for your next tournament.

Grab control of what information you want by easy switch control.
Affiliate Links

Organizations that cater to a national audiance are invited to 
submit their logo, to direct users, to their organizational URL.
 Logos are entered at the top of one or more appropriate group pages.

Form Submissions

Contact Forms are easy and do not require membership or to be logged in.
Group Administrators

Qualified individuals are invited to be the go to professional for group pages of interest.  
Editing and control of assigned pages to control blogging, 
content and information on group page/s assigned.

If you would like further assistance please tell us when and how you can be reached 

by completing our CONTACT FORM.