Group Administrators

Group Administrators are those that have a desire to propel their chosen group/s to a higher level.  Being well recognized in a particular group has advantageous but desire to build and participation within the guidelines is a prime factor to be chosen as a group administrator.  Group Administrators can choose one or more groups to administer depending on their expertise and desired commitment.  More than one group administrator may be appointed to any one particular group.

If you want to be considered as a group administrator you will need to understand and agree to the format and requirements of maintaining the selected group/s.


  1. You will have immediate edit control, relating to content, of your assigned group/s.
  2. Topic Titles were created to be cosistent for all group pages, all users need to have a resonable expectation of  their expeted content no matter what group they are viewing.
  3. Specific topic titles may be changed when appropriate for particular needs of a group.   Basic flow of page needs to be fairly consistent between all groups.
  4. Willingness to communicate with site administrators and also outside viewers will be necessary to maintain professionalism of the site.
  5. Content added must be GENERAL AUDIENCE directed.
  6. No linking to other sites not intended for GENERAL AUDIENCE.
  7. Additional Site page linking is encouraged.  Development of new pages are sent in, reviewed, and created upon request.
  8. Required time spent as a group administrators will depend upon traffic to that page and is as needed.  Additional Group admins willing to work with currently placed group administrators will be as needed.
  9. Multiple group administrators to any particular page need to communicate, with other same group admins, not to be editing page at same time, and not working against each other.
  10. Content added, is encouraged, but may not be bias as to promoting within any certain organization.  Your preference and comments may be used but you may not descriminate against other competitors relating to information or products listed.
  11. Assignments may be immediate after a necessary introduction and walk through of requirements.  Lap Top or Desk Top access will be greatly desired and probably necessary.

Apply now by completing a  Contact Form  for your desired group/s.