Site Administrators

Site Administrators are in place that have access to the back end of the site and allowed to make major changes and assignments to others.

As the site grows more and more personel will be assigned specific duties to control the site.

If you want to be considered as a site administrator you will need to complete a non-disclouser agreement and only be given permission to make changes within areas trained and assigned.  This is intended to become a paid position depending on development and profits derived by individual participation.


  1. The back end of the site controls the entire site development.
  2. You will be expected to control areas that you have been fully trained and assigned.
  3. You must have access to a lap top or desk top computer for this assignment.
  4. Willingness to productively communicate and participate with necessary training needs to be accomplished prior to working with any features on the back end.
  5. Improvements and corrections noted while working on the site must all be documented within the note section where any other back end user may view.
  6. Content added must be GENERAL AUDIENCE directed.
  7. No linking to other sites not intended for GENERAL AUDIENCE.
  8. Additional Site page linking is encouraged. 
  9. Required time spent as a site administrator will depend upon agreed assignments and needs to fullfill.
  10. Content added, is encouraged, but may not be bias as to promoting within any certain organization.  Your preference and comments may be used but you may not descriminate against other competitors relating to information or products listed.
  11. Assignments may be immediate after a necessary introduction and walk through of requirements.  Lap Top or Desk Top access will be required for this assignment.

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