About GT All Sports

Web Site

  • Membership:  GT All Sports is a free membership site.  Sign Up, Submit, Verify your e-mail address from activation link sent, and start building your profile and submitting Events.
  • Privacy:  Your Address and Phone Number will default to hidden from Public.  Easy to edit and make information public from your profile page.  Your specific address number and street are not entered for membership.  All search data is from center of zip code to center of zip code.
  • Profiles:  Over a dozen areas are designed for you to input data in your profile.  Data is easily accessible and editable at any time.  Searches are immediate after submission.
  • Events:  List up to 6 Events free every year.  Unlimited plans available for a modest fee.
  • Zip Code Radius:  Searches for both profiles and events can easily be made from center of a zip code to center of a zip code.
  • Searches for Members Profiles:  Search by specific Talent, Group, Terms, State, Gender, ETC... and more ; along with Zip code radius.
  • Searches for Events:  Search for Events by Date range, Zip Code Radius, Distance, Specific Type, Specific Group. 
  • Connections:  Members can form their own connections with other members with communication features being added. 
  • Advertising:   Advertise on Specific Group Page/s.
  • Groups:  Members can join many groups in any of the four sectional Categorizes available.
  • Blogging:   Participate in Group Blogs.
  • Content:  Is greatly relied upon input from members who offer their services and list their events.  Please share and help gather other members, which builds content enhancing search results.
  • Updating:  GT All Sports is updating and adding features during the transitional period of switching from the old site to this site.  This site was released to the public June 2016.