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User Name armwrestleral
Name Albert Gross
Phone 706-264-0496
Secondary Phone 405-216-5296
Gender Male
Weight Unit Lbs
Weight 160
Years In Sport 20+
Hand In Use Both
Date Of Birth 06/24/1951
Country United States
Zip Code 73034
State Oklahoma
City Edmond
Member Since 14 Aug,2012
Main Group Arm Wrestling
Tournament Note 1 Central OK Team
Tournament Note 2 Armwrestler Al
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Family Narrative I married my wife, Karen, on 4/12/2003. She enjoys all types of Sewing, cooking, and gardening. When she gets time she enjoys doing woodworking and building cabinets. I have one son, Albert III, who lives in Arlington, TX. He is married with one child named Deacon. I also have one daughter, Jennifer, who lives in Port Charlotte, FL along with her husband and two children, Jackson and Jorja.
Occupation Narrative US Coast Guard Reserves 1969 - 1975. St. Petersburg Police Officer 1974 - 2000. Journeyman Plumber in 1979. Master Plumber in 1983. Operated Al's Plumbing Company Residential Home Inspector 2006 - 2016 Operating Eagle Eye Home Inspections in Dalton, GA Currently Retired building a web site for Sports, Health, Nutrition, Blessing & Beliefs.
Recreation Narrative I started competing in Armwrestling in 1976 Police Olympics and still enjoy training and competing. I typically train at my home every Wednesday at 6:30 PM. I like to bicycle, hike, and scuba diving.
Desire Narrative My desire is to spend time helping others in Christian-related activities. I am working on this website with a desire to connect others with healthy activities both mentally and physically.
Responsibilities Narrative This web site you are on is operated by me. I live at 6501 Applewood Dr., I have offered to help maintain this private group page for the Blackberry Hills Neighborhood Association. If you would like to be involved with maintaining this private group page please let the powers to be know. I can assign the capability, for members, to maintain this group page, control new blog topics, or control membership and access to members of this group. Note: Only members of this page have access to see it exists or capable of viewing or participating in this group. The directory displays all current members who receive email notifications when blogs are posted. This is a great way to communicate with others in your neighborhood. I will also be controlling special information those in the association would like to share with others within the neighborhood beyond their profile page. Click on the link on the page to download the form giving the association permission to list the information you supply for release. Only members of the group will see this information. Please give me feed back on features you would like to see that would be beneficial to make the site better for all.