New Member Quick Tips
23rd of Jan,2019

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Features of the site are listed here!


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  • Sport Groups (99 Groups Available) - Physically active and considered competitive.
  • Non-Sport Groups (16 Groups Available) - Some physically active groups that are not considered competitive; and also groups that may be competitive but are not primarily physical.
  • Promotional Groups (10 Groups available) - Member interest areas with topics and procedures to aid individuals in developing their hobbies and interests.  Request to be added to any private group through Contact Form.
  • Health & Nutrition Groups (37 Groups Available) - These groups are more specific groups dealing with your particular concerns related to Health & Nutrition.
  • Beliefs & Blessings (21 Groups Available) - These groups are dealing with Beliefs and Accessibility to Blessings Available to individuals.

Member Profiles

  • The site offers free members profiles allowing you to list or search attributes of our members where you can then communicate.
  • Sign Up or Log In (If not already) then select PROFILE from Signed In User Drop Down along top right hand corner .
  • Search other members profiles allowing for communication with selected members. 
  • Click on main tab "MEMBERS" allowing you to search


  • Anytime you are on another members profile page the top right hand corner of the page will display Connect or you will see Connected.
  • If you have all ready requested to Connect then you will see Resend Request or Cancel Sent Request
  •  Choosing CONNECT will send the request to the other member, if selected each member will then have the other member added to their connection drop down within their profile drop down.
  • Many other CONNECTION features are being developed for further group communications.




  • Access over 80 different sport groups with non-sport groups and promotional groups also available.
  • Connect and communicate with others by Members Search to build your Connections.
  • View our help and video tutorials