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At GT All Sports, (Go To All Sports) you can find connections to any and all types of sport and activities, both competitive and recreational.  We offer Event Posting, Interest-Oriented Groups, Interest-Oriented Blogs, Mass Member Messaging, Member Profile Listings, as well as Searchable Event and Personal Connections to keep you involved in all things you enjoy. Read on to find out more about who we are and why we do what we do.

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Albert Gross
Founder - GT All Sports

Albert “Al” Gross is the founder of GT All Sports and the heartbeat behind our operation. His passion and drive are what make GT All Sports a welcoming space for all of us who enjoy sport, community, and connection to those whose passions are similar to our own. To understand the goals driving GTAS, you first must understand who Al is and why he created this great space.

From a very young age, Al always enjoyed staying physically active through dance, acrobat, and sport. Throughout childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood Al found joy and success as he participated in sports. After joining the St. Petersburg Police Force in 1974, Al made what would prove to be a fateful decision: He signed up for the Police Olympic State Games in 1976. After competing, and winning, his first ever Gold Medal in arm wrestling, Al fell in love with the sport and never looked back. To date, Al has won numerous arm wrestling titles and continues to train and coach others in the sport.

Al’s Armwrestling Titles:
    1.  Multiple State, National, and International Police Olympic Competitions
    2.  Professional National Titles in both Standup and Sitdown competition
In addition to Al’s dedication to the sport of arm wrestling, he enjoys hobbies such as bicycling, hiking, scuba diving, canoeing, boating, and disc golf. It was his passion for arm wrestling and his love of all things sports and outdoors that drove Al to create GTAS in 2012. 

What Al wanted was a place to go where you can find others who love arm wrestling, find training locations, and get connected to community and events near you that involve the sport or activity you love. Since 2012, GTAS has grown from a platform to connect arm wrestlers to one that hosts over 180 groups of varying interests in sports, fitness, health, wellness, spirituality, and more.

Al’s dream is to see GT All Sports become the number one site for making connections in the activities you enjoy. When you think, “How can I get more involved in (fill in the blank)”, you think GTAS.

Al has committed himself to the success of GTAS whole-heartedly. However, he wouldn’t be where he is today without the love and support of his family.  Karen Gross, our Office Manager, is the loving and supportive wife of our founder, Al Gross.  Al also has the love and support of a sister, son, daughter, and grandchildren who are all cheering for the success of both Al and GT All Sports.  Al also enjoys his involvement at Connect United Methodist Church in Edmond, OK which has inspired our Beliefs & Blessings Categories on site.

Karen Gross
Office Manager

Karen sees to all our office management needs while attempting to keep our founder, Al Gross, in check. Karen and Al have run multiple sports competitions together over the years and are committed to the teamwork it takes to keep our operation going.

Karen has passion for sport, having played both basketball and volleyball in high school and continued to stay active throughout her adult life. Besides physical activities, Karen enjoys her hobbies of sewing, crocheting, knitting, and gardening. A lot of Karen’s time is also spent volunteering through the Helping Hands charity with the help and companionship of her church group.

Ryan Halloran
Director of Operations

A fellow entrepreneur, Ryan Halloran and Al Gross teamed up to get GTAS off to the races.  
Ryan’s professional background is in Computer Science, Project Management, and Management Consulting. After years of working for large-scale organizations, Ryan has moved towards self-employment and founded his own independent consulting firm. Ryan makes sure that all operations for GTAS run smoothly while also contributing his own passion for sport and fitness.

Since early childhood, Ryan has been involved in all things sports. Throughout high school and college, Ryan found great success in soccer, tennis, ice hockey, and lacrosse. Ryan also played semi-professional ice hockey and was a soccer referee for 16 years. Needless to say, Ryan understands the world of sport.

These days, in addition to his consulting firm, Ryan is a Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC) and is actively pursuing his NASM Certified Personal Trainer certification and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification.

When not working, Ryan also enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children, reading, traveling, and, when possible, fitting in a round of golf. Through his partnership with GTAS, Ryan hopes to build our platform to the number one online community in the areas of sports, health, and fitness.

Daryl Purchase
Group Administrator, Strength, Nutrition, & Equipment Advisor

Daryl and Al have been close friends since 1970 and the two stay in near constant contact. Daryl is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to strength training, strength equipment, and all things gym equipment. 

Having studied and practiced natural medicine for years, Daryl is also a key advisor in this field.
Daryl has been the owner of Strength Equipment Advisors for the last 40 years. Through his company he helps gyms obtain proper equipment, sets up station locations, and installs equipment accordingly. Daryl has also helped design and engineer Isokinetic power strength training equipment.

In addition to his abundant work and knowledge in the world of fitness, Daryl often guides mountain biking, rafting, and hiking adventures. His passion for sports and fitness goes back to his early days playing a variety of sports.

You’ll find Daryl’s influence and expertise throughout GTAS as he is an essential member of our team aiding in all things related to strength, fitness, and nutrition.

Ryan May
Group Administrator, Blogger, Page Designer

Ryan is an Oklahoma City native who is passionate and abundantly knowledgeable about all things related to nutrition, health, and wellness. 

For years, Ryan has worked in the world of nutrition, supplementation, herbal medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda, speaking and writing to communicate the benefits of each.

It was through Ryan’s writings that he got connected to Al and to GTAS. Through GTAS, Ryan hopes to continue promoting the platform of natural health and wellness as well as encourage users to pursue their passions and stay connected to what brings them joy. 

You’ll find Ryan’s blogs and groups throughout the site discussing not only his expertise but also his passions and hobbies alike.

In Ryan’s free time, he likes to play classical guitar, practice yoga, and spend time with friends and family. Ryan’s bride-to-be and he also enjoy travelling, hiking, cooking delicious meals together, and relishing in the company of their adorable cats, Kiwi and Cashew.

We hope you get to know Ryan through his writing and his excellent work here at GTAS.

Carlee Holden
Group Administrator, Membership Development, Private Group Advisor, Blogger

Carlee’s passion for sports began at a very young age. Soccer, volleyball, and basketball were her favorites, but basketball became her sole focus through high school and college. As the glory days of basketball faded, Carlee began to find a new passion in nutrition and fitness as it felt close to home for someone who already loves sports.

After being introduced to yoga, HIIT, and other fitness routines, Carlee decided that fitness was where she belonged. 

Carlee became a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and began training both individuals and groups in 2014. For 5 years now, Carlee has stayed involved in the world of health, fitness, and nutrition through gym management, training, fitness program creation, and blogging.

Carlee spends the vast majority of her time raising two beautiful toddlers who keep her abundantly busy and happy. Carlee’s husband is her never-ending support and adventurer in life. As a family, they love to travel as much as possible, work on projects around their acre-large yard, and generally spend as much time as a family as possible.

You’ll find Carlee’s passion for all things fitness and wellness evident in her writing and group administration on the site. Through GTAS, Carlee hopes to build platforms for people with all kinds of interests to pursue their passions more fully.