Elimination Bracketing Competitor Check List

Elimination Bracketing Competitor Check List

The bracketing program pulls data from GT All Sports.  You must be a member for this data to enter you into the bracketing program used at this tournament.

Membership is free.  Signup is quick and easy.  Your e-mail and telephone numbers are defaulted to private where others view.  We do not share information with others.  You have an option to edit your email and phone numbers for public view.

**** Required prior to tournament

***Information necessary to complete tournament view

** Strongly recommended

* Beneficial Knowledge & Features

  •  [  ] ****Member of GT All Sports
  • [  ]  ***Tournament view photo must be submitted for your photo to be viewed when you are competing
  • [  ]  ***Tournament note 1 & 2 need completed if you want to list your team or other information when you are competing
  •  [  ]  **Join group/s you wish to be recognized within where you will also be notified when events are added and blogging takes place.
  • [  ]  **Joined the Armwrestling group page.
  • [  ]  *Complete any profile information of around 20 different available listings editable at any time by you.  Armwrestling profiles suggested to be added.
  • [  ]  **Training partners
  • [  ]  **Training location
  • [  ]  **Referee
  • [  ]  **Director for Sport
  • Other Main Features
  • [  ]  *Free event listings along with blogging by other users attached to events
  • [  ]  *Bracketing program available
  • You build your own classes
  • Sponsor listing feature and advertising available
  • Results posted back to your listed event along with every match listed and who won creating your placements.
  • [  ]  *Help Tab location
  • [  ]  *Preferences where you can turn off or back on notifications
  • [  ]  *Connections where you can form friend/connections with other members that you build and assign others for mass communication
  • [  ]  *Group admins and controlling of groups available