Tournament Screen

Information for Directors running double or triple elimination programs

About:  This page was created due to a need for Armwrestling to be more professionally promoted with a proven system to aid both new and established directors of armwrestling to run their competition/s with more ease.  The categories are built generically where many other sport directors running tournament for other sports may also build their unique class/categories.  Once built the director can automatically install prior set ups saving them time.  Please review some of the features below where you can discover features available for you to generate more sponsors and competitors along with increasing your following.

Create Your Free Event Listing

  • Join GTAS - It's FREE.  Post at many events as you like for free
    • When you log in you can find all the events you created from your drop down selection "MY EVENTS"
      • You can edit any of your events at any time available to you through your log in
      • You can re-post any event, make a date change and submit it in seconds for immediate availability to others
    • Submit your event and all members of the group/s associated will be notified of your new event posting
    • Other signed in members can make comments, post photos, post replies, and build video links that attach to your event.
      • Members submitting can select if they want e-mail notifications when submissions are made
    • Submit you free event listing and you have an option to add-on paid features Ex.(Elimination Bracketing Program)

Elimination Bracketing Program

  • Purchase when you submit your event or you can addon this program at any time from ACTION BUTTON while view your previously listed events (MY EVENTS)
  • Use and editing within the program is available immediately after purchase
  • Main Tabs & Sections available
    • My Events - Jump directly back to total list of all of your previously crated events for quick access
      • Action buttons give you the following features
        • View
        • Edit
        • Re-Post
        • Select Add-On Programs available
        • Delete event listing from MY EVENTS (Events stay available through search of date range past, present, and future)
        • Hover Over Icon displaying add-on programs associate to event viewed
    • Building Classes - Build your classes for competition
      • Build your classes by selecting only fields that you wish to be viewed for your particular tournament (Optional fields allow flexibility for other sporting groups also)
        • Save your classes built to automatically be slected for use in your future tournaments
        • Classes can be edited and be arranged in the order you want.
    • Build Sponsors - Build your sponsors
      • Sponsors obtain great exposure creating more ease in gather sponsorship monies
        • Obtained sponsors image/s rotate during the competition
          • You selcted rotation to be 5 - 120 seconds or with each change of every match.
          • in the tournament view with matches
        • Sponsor Images are posted to the event to appeal more to the sponsors exposure
          • Sponsor images are clickable to their chosen URL
    • View Sponsors - View Sponsor
      • Intended for Director view only to see current sponsors and noted for contact etc...
    • Registration - Register your competitors
      • Search members of GTAS and select class/es each competitor wants to enter
        • This program pulls data during tournament and all competitor must be members - free and easy sign up.
        • View classes along with competitors entered.
        • Editing features available on the fly to photo cloaning, entry, and notes they wish to add
    • Tournament - Summary screen listing all classes to select which class currently involved in competition
      • Filters allow you to select particular class type visible to view for easy of selection
      • Enter competition of any class and exit a class at any level or time
      • Summary Screen displays how many entered and also how many remaining in a class
      • Summary screen allows director to easily verify and enter classes to - example: final four for finals
      • Review matches Winners/Losers of all currently completed matches at any time
      • Competitors screen displays following features
        • Competitors photos, names, city, state, and two lines of text that the competior can change or create
        • Rotating sponsor images that are clickable to pay tribute to obtained sponsors
        • How many matches within that class has each competitor won or lost
        • Round and match numer of that class
        • Number of competitors within that class and number of competitors remaining
        • Tournament summary screen link to close current class and select another at any time
    • Results - View, Print, & Post back to event listing any or all finalized classes
      • Finished classes automatically appear on this screen with following features available
        • Director can choose to include top one to ten competitors to be included within their request to
          • Do a print out to hand out trophies/awards/honors etc...
          • View on screen
          • Post results selected back to event for immediate viewing by anyone who searches or links to the event page.
    • View Event - Immediate link to your event including results selected and sponsors obtained

Checkout some of our screen shots

This is a sample page from our soon to be released Double Elimination Tournament Bracketing program.

There will be a development/usage fee for use to make your next tournament a breeze to run your brackets 

visible on remote monitors view-able by others.

Build your own brackets, save, and re-publish to your next tournament including editing features.

You build your brackets, include fees, enter competitors, and then run your tournament by selecting the winner to advance to next competitor.

Enter or select any bracket to run at any time.  Competitors Remaining are displayed for your convenience.

Create more sponsors by the rotating ad space along the right side.  

One small fee for each event you use this program and make additional extra cash included in our ad space builder.

Finish your tournament and then send results back to the event page where results are immediately view-able by anyone doing an event search for your event.

Information is pulled for each competitor from their free profile as a free member of GT All Sports.  

You just do a simple search as they register and select competitor which then automatically builds their information, 

(Photo, Name, City, State, and short note the competitor submits) 

Do you want to test or make suggestions during this development?  

Call me for access to connect to current development for your review and recommendations.

Al Gross 706-264-0496