Private Group Page Information
Public Group

Private groups are just that "PRIVATE".  

You must be a member to view the page.

This GROUP is public to allow the public to decide 

if they are interested in having a PRIVATE GROUP.  

Group Page Features and information

  1. Private pages are private and no one can see a private page unless they are a member.
  2. Once a individual becomes a member of GT All Sports they can then request a private group page to be built and have themselves or other members assigned as a GROUP ADMINISTRATOR
  3. Anyone not a member of a particular private group will not be able to view or find a private group for which they are not a member.
  4. A  single GROUP ADMINISTRATOR or multiple group administrators may be assigned to any group.  Privilege's assigned to one Administrator or another may vary and include one of more of these editing features.
    1. Edit the content on the page.  If you make a mistake you may contact GT All Sports and have the previous page restored. "You can't mess up!"
    2. Control making new new blogs and deletion of unwanted or old material.
    3. Membership on page is controlled and assigned also by allowing Administrators to manage members that are added to the group giving them capabilities of viewing and participating in features within the group along with comments on blogs.
  5. Any GT All Sports member may join and build their profile for free.  Once a individual is a member of GT All Sports they are then capable of joining any public group page.  By being a GT All Sports member they are then available to be added to a private group by the group administrator.
  6. A member of GT All Sports must submit their email address to become a member.  The email address they submit is defaulted to private and can not be viewed by other members unless they wish to edit their profile and make the email address public.  A members phone number is optional upon signup and also defaults to private which can also be make public by the individual member.  Many times a member will leave their email and phone number private on the public main site but may wish to have the administrator over a Private group page add it to the actual page where only other members of that private group page may see the listing.  Example being: NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATIONS.
  7. If you are interested in a private group page contact us for current information.  This site membership is free.  Private group pages need special access and set up and as long as donations off set management expenses private group pages will remain free.  If you feel we are a great site and offer you a great service then private group pages are encourage to donate to keep the improvements and features of maintaining and building new features.